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Gamification: New Trend In Recruitment


Gamification in recruitment refers to the application of typical elements of gameplay (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) in non-game scenarios such as a business environment and its processes, specifically in recruitment, training and development; to engage a larger talent pool than usual.

Gamification capitalizes on an individual’s competitiveness, allowing them to feel absorbed and engaged and, in the process offering a greater sense of achievement. As and when we progress to reach new levels, the intensity of engagement with the game increases.

Gamification has several advantageous applications in the recruitment process:

1. It helps companies test specific skill-sets while saving time using the elimination process.

2. It allows the free flow of thoughts and ideas among candidates while making the process fun.

3. The games double as simulated scenarios that allow for on-the-job assessment of the candidate’s performance, thereby helping the company understand their behavioral traits and capabilities.

Recruiters have the option of implementing the same over a wide variety of channels and platforms, which makes it more accessible to a larger talent pool to choose the most fitting applicant from.

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