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How a Disorganized Hiring Process Makes Great Talent Slip Away


We all know that the hiring process is a critical part of building a successful company. But how many people actually think about how their own organization’s hiring process impacts the team they are trying to build? Many companies make the mistake of assuming that if they post a job and applicants respond well, they will be able to find great talent. However, this is only one piece of creating an efficient hiring process – there are other factors at play that can derail your entire organization’s success if you aren’t careful. While there are some obvious signs like high cost-per-hire and high time-to-fill, here are 3 oft-overlooked signs that your hiring process is disorganized.

1. The hiring process is just not clear

The hiring process should be clear and transparent. The hiring managers and recruiters need to understand the process as well, so they can guide candidates through it.

It’s not enough for a company to have a well-defined recruiting process. An easy-to-follow, consistent hiring system will help everyone involved – from job seekers looking for work, to recruiters trying to fill positions quickly, to hiring managers who want their team members onboarded as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality or diversity in the pool of applicants they’re considering.

You need a clear, repeatable and scalable process to find the best talent at every level.

Every candidate should be able to easily access information about what’s next within their application experience (think: adding more information like references, steps in the process etc.), which makes following through with each step much less stressful for everyone involved. If there are multiple steps in your application process, make sure you configure your ATS to fit your needs, so that everyone from recruiters and interviewers to hiring managers and business leaders are on the same page.

2. You’re not using social media to recruit properly

Although social media is a great way to promote your company and attract talent, it’s often not utilized to its full potential.

While companies want to hire the best people they can find, they also want to be known as an employer of choice in their industry. But we’ve seen too many businesses fall into the trap of using social media for recruiting when it’s not appropriate or effective for them.

The problem with most job boards is that some recruiters just post their jobs without having a proper social media recruiting strategy in place. In addition, social media can be prohibitively time-consuming if used sloppily – you’ll spend hours sifting through candidates who are not the right fit, or not even get a good number of applicants because of an untargeted approach.

3. You’re damaging your employer brand & lowering the morale

  • The hiring process is an extension of your company and the way you present yourself to candidates, and if it’s disorganized or poorly handled, you are not showing off your best side.
  • You’re hurting hiring managers. While some may be able to make-do with a haphazard process in smaller organizations with fewer employees, most leaders know that they need a streamlined process for finding top talent. They can’t expect all their hard work on their end will be worth anything if the applicant doesn’t hear from them again because of a poor recruiting program!
  • You’re losing good candidates who might otherwise have applied for roles at your company in the future. Even worse – you’re sending signals to new hires that this is how things will continue once they start working there – that’s hardly an incentive for anyone looking forward to their career!
Disorganized hiring process looses candidates.

How a streamlined hiring process attracts great candidates

A streamlined hiring process makes it easier for you to recruit top talent, attract great candidates, and drive down turnover rates. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. A streamlined hiring process helps you get more applicants. 

When you have a streamlined hiring process and make it easy for candidates to apply, you’ll get more people applying for your openings than if you had an outdated system that required them to fill out lengthy forms and jump through other hoops just to apply.

2. A streamlined hiring process means fewer interviews and more hires.

 If you have an efficient hiring process in place that gets potential candidates through the screening stage quickly (like automating it), then you can spend time with fewer people in person rather than dealing with tons of paperwork or phone calls with every single person who applies online, which can be overwhelming. You’ll also be able to hire more people because there’s no bottleneck slowing down the process.

3. A streamlined hiring process makes it easier for previous applicants. 

It’ll be easier for them to get hired when they decide they want something new, because they’ll already have been screened through the system once before so they’re familiar with how things work around here!

A disorganized hiring process is bad for both your company and your employees

A disorganized hiring process is bad for both your company and your employees. It can leave you with a team that’s not fully engaged, not happy in their work, and not productive. This can lead to turnover – and the cost of replacing an employee who left because of a bad hiring experience adds up quickly. On top of that, it’s just plain exhausting to try to recruit great talent when your system isn’t working properly. If any of the above resonates with you, now is a good time to rethink your hiring process and the structures in place. 

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