Is Candidate Engagement Necessary

Is Candidate Engagement Necessary?

Have you specified Continuous Candidate Engagement (CCE) as a priority in your organization? No? Then you could be at risk of fallout at work in the form of relatively lower productivity and higher attrition rates. CCE helps in the overall improvement and maintenance of the quality and the pace of a candidate’s engagement with an organization. It begins from the point of a candidate being aware of the organization till he is hired and goes on much further into employee engagement within the company. It is quite evident in this age of recruitment that a candidate is not just motivated by a hefty pay package or the brand name of the company. Over and above these factors a candidate-driven, dynamic millennial workforce would prefer a company culture that mirrors their levels of energy and participation. Some simple ways to facilitate CCE can be via attractive branded career webpage, social media recruitment via internal employee referrals. We at Zappyhire uses chatbots and automated video interviews, streamlining candidate communication and on-boarding process via digital forms. By focusing on CCE, organizations not only boost growth but also improve the overall brand perception, which is key for attracting quality talent. For more details:

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