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Recruitment Automation – The way forward with Payeli Ghosh


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In this video with Payeli Ghosh – Chief People Officer ( Payeli believes that automation accelerates innovation. She talks about Zappyhire and How did she actually build the initial team & how did she manage the growth phase of the company from a recruitment perspective at PeopleMatters TechHR conference -2021.

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Jyothis: Hello everyone. My name is Jyothis. I’m the co-founder of Zappyhire. Today we have a wonderful guest, Payeli Ghosh, co-founder and managing the people at JIFFY.AI. A quick introduction about They help large organizations, especially the Fortune 500 organizations to automate their business processes and unleash productivity and improve their total ROI in the complex business processes. And is one of the happy customers of Zappyhire. They believe that automation accelerate innovation. Welcome Payeli.

Payeli:Hello, everybody. This is Payeli Ghosh.

Jyothis : My first question to you Payeli obviously, the success of, largely can be attributed to your employees and the passion they bring on a day to day Job. How did you actually build the initial team and how did you manage the growth phase of the company from a recruitment perspective?

Payeli: So I hope you don’t mind here in this 20 minutes continuously stressing a lot on automation and AI because we believe in it. We are passionate about it. We make sure every organization and our customers are adopting automation. Right. But there’s a little bit of caution there about automation as well. Automation cannot take away human intelligence, the human touch. So coming back to your question, yes, we were initially having our team very compact, much smaller, and the hiring needs were less and most of us get to talented people through referrals. And that’s how any company starts their Journey. Right. The last couple of years, especially after we were funded and growing at a scale where hiring is really moving at a fast pace as we have grown in terms of size of the company, at least 200% in the last year and especially when we are still in Pandemic. So certainly in a company like ours, we cannot put an army of people for hiring and recruitment when the need is high. So we still have only two people managing that, and we might be having at least 30 people joining every month.So the only way of doing it is doing it fast is automating right?. So that would be one of my challenges to do it with a smaller team, do it fast, but still meet your requirements. One more thing I would like to touch upon apart from automating and doing it in the right way through automation is the challenges every hiring and recruitment team is facing today, especially this year and not much in 2020. In spite of being the pandemic, the work from home has gotten on to people.

So either people are looking out, they have too many offers in hand, they are not having the human connect. So there’s a lot of confusion. So while this is a challenge, this is also an opportunity. Right. There is a lot of right talent in the market. If you can tap them, if you can engage, connect with them, you can have them as well. So these are the challenges. And our response to your question is we have to think we are connecting a lot with millennials.

So we have to think about making things faster, we do things in an engaging way and we still don’t take away human engagement from people. That’s where adopting smart automation, especially being an automation company, made sense for us.

Jyothis: Makes sense. It’s a very good point you touched up on and strike the right balance between human and AI automation. That’s the best part I would say. My next question is, what will be your criteria when you’re choosing a recruitment partner to do complete automation of your recruitment?

Payeli: There’s two sides to it, especially when I’m the co founder, and Chief of people, you have to take into consideration our team’s willingness, their comfort, and so we went with the standard tools, that’s because that’s what the team felt is a safer way, let’s go with that. And, you know, sometimes, as a co-founder, that you cannot force things upon it has to be adopted. So we went through the whole process of going through a standard tool, which I wouldn’t say, was not doing the job. They were able to upload files of resumes, they were scheduling, rescheduling, stuff like that. But I’m sure everybody here who is into hiring a recruitment team will agree that 80% of the team’s effort goes in screening, that’s where the manual effort kicks in, and that’s where it becomes mundane, as well as very very time consuming. And by the time you get the best one, either the candidate is not available because it turned out to be a very long process.

Yes, So those were the benefits, we were not getting from the initial tool used by us. Apart from general benefits of having a tool for screening resumes, scheduling and rescheduling meetings. And finally with zappyhire we were able to give people a status or Generate Report which is what we needed. And we were looking for innovative tools as I say that our heart lies there, where we believe that with the power of AI today, you can make automation apps magic for people.

So we were looking for tools, which had adopted AI to make the experience

1. more engaging

2. faster for the team and

3. Gave a very complete experience right from application to handing out the offers.

So that’s what came with Zappyhire.

First, I think they have two ways of doing it at stage one, so the applicant can apply, and Chatbot comes up, and they start chatting with you intelligently based on the criteria you have given. So it feels like somebody is already engaging from the start..

One option is that sometimes, if you have set too rigid criteria, like you need only three years plus or five years plus experience and with this, it may result in a rejection of application, because we are putting the rules a little bit more rigidly. So you have the other option, where you know that you’re giving you a lot of profiles, and it can be uploaded in one shot. So what zappyhire does is it goes through that matches with your criteria, your description, and gives you a percentage to choose from. Whether it is 70% matching, whether it’s 50% matching and I think that’s where things get smoother. So it takes up a lot of load of screening process and is ready to be scheduled for an interview. So that I would say is a big thumbs up and our team is really happy with that.

And the communications are very nice, we have a chart which gives the percentage. And then after pre screening engagement, the scheduling rescheduling is a standard thing. It also helps to take a lot of load off the team. But the best part here is if you’re using the tool for the interview, because you can obviously use your existing links like, Google meet or zoom calls. But if you’re using zappyhire to do the interview they record the interview.

And what are we missing today? With work from home, you’re not meeting the person, right? It’s something on camera we are seeing. So, apart from technical questions or interview processes we have to see there’s a lot of softer side of things, right people see when you meet a person, to see their body language, you see how they have come? And how presentable they are? How confident are they? There’s so many things, right? So there’s a chance at least where people can fake that when we use standard tools.

But here I think Zappyhire is intelligently using the AI power required, where they go a little more deeper than the technical rounds to tell you how the tone of the person is? How confident he or she was by answering this particular question. So it gives a little more in depth insight about the candidate because they recall. And finally, it is very handy when they collate all the rounds of the interview and give a 360 view, and not only regarding the interview which the interviewer can feedback and give a thumbs up or thumbs down. But also, the tool analyzes with the power of AI. Between this interview and this interview, this is how things flow, so I think it at least tries and manages to bring back a lot of the human interaction which we used to have during not work from home days.

So, these are the features, writers engagement, the fast way of screening, and then bringing the AI power to analyze and give the insights. So I would rather bring that as the major benefits we’ve had from using zappyhire

Jyothis: So you said you had a tool before and you had a process before. And we all would like to know a little more about the challenges and the learning, you feel it’s while you introduce Zappyhire to your current recruitment ecosystem at ?

Payeli: Let’s see ,our’s was a mindset where people were anyways open to automation, but the only thing we wanted to work with was smart, AI driven and intuitive tools. So I didn’t have to go and convince them, they had prior experience with standard tools as well. So the only thing I insisted to my team is to make the whole process more intuitive, automated and intelligent, without taking away the human touch by the hiring and recruitment was automated, and we got the benefits, you know, the conversion rates are 30% Plus, the cost of hiring has come down by 50%. Overall, hiring time has reduced at least 60-70%.

But we are not going over to my team to just automate only stage one and then go back to manual methods again right. Because now people are joining the company from home right. So the onboarding, also automated, from submission of the documents, giving them access, talking to the right mentors and their leaders, everything, the whole auto onboarding, we are doing it for many customers. And I think Jyotish hiring tools like yours can absolutely adopt what we are giving in the Intelligent Automation space for automating processes. But always one word of caution for any hiring, don’t make it a box take like for any automation, don’t make it very boxed. Keep it open so that people can still have a human touch, but bring a lot of intelligence into it. So that’s what I think zappyhire is doing and that’s what Jiffy also does, for its business processing.

Jyothis: Thank you, payeli. Thanks a lot for sharing all this with your experience. And I’m sure that a lot of our listeners take a lot of takeaways from the sessions and they would try it out there in their hiring process too. I think the people who are wanting to try out our system, please visit our website below or you can just send an email to us. We will connect with you soon. Thank you.

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