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How A Digital Recruitment Strategy Boosts Employer Branding


It is no secret that digital recruitment has hit an all-time high in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. While harnessing digital channels for hiring appears to be a more viable and convenient recruitment strategy, especially in contrast with its traditional counterpart, did you also know that it can improve your brand?

Here’s an impressive fact: 72% of global recruiting leaders believe that employer branding impacts digital hiring and vice versa.

And in an era where word about companies, their work culture, and every other detail spreads far and wide, maintaining an employer brand is critical. Let’s take a look at how digital recruitment strategies improve employer branding and get your organization on the map!.

What Is Employer Branding?

Employer branding is the reputation that a company enjoys. It is a reflection of the experiences and perceptions of the candidates, workforce, employees, and peers. Companies leverage this brand status to develop a solid image that helps in attracting and retaining top talent.

Like every reputation management process, employer branding requires proactive action by businesses to place their organization in good light. As such, the entire hire-to-retire journey must harmonize to culminate into a pleasant experience that contributes to the employer brand.

Advantages Of Having A Great Employer Branding Strategy

Now that you understand the nitty-gritty of employer branding, let’s take a look at how it adds value to your business:

1. Tap Into Quality Talent Pool

A strong employer brand promises lucrative qualities such as a thriving work environment, professional and personal growth opportunities, goals and value alignment, and more.

2. Increase Talent Retention

Employer branding facilitates talent retention in two main ways. First, employers with a strong branding presence will attract qualified candidates. At the same time, it will contribute to higher engagement rates that will draw tangible benefits such as improved productivity, boosted morale, and lower churn rates, which will improve employee lifetime value.

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3. Reduce Time-to-Hire

By developing a formidable employer branding, you can gain access to a wider talent pool. As a result, companies will spend less time marketing themselves and more time carrying out recruitment, which will expedite the time-to-hire.

4. Lower Cost-Per-Hire

As companies position themselves as the ultimate workplace destination, candidates would be more inclined to join your organization. As a result, you gain the upper hand during negotiations and can even save on salaries while hiring the right fit. Subsequently, existing employees are also more likely to refer your company to other professionals, which will bring down the effective cost-per-hire.

How Can You Improve Your Employer Branding Through Digital Recruitment Strategies?

Here are a few actionable ways through which you can meld your digital recruitment process with employer branding:

1. Build a Seamless Remote Hiring Process

As stated before, digital recruitment trends are tipping the scales in favor of remote hiring. But to facilitate a seamless remote hiring process, you will require the right set of digital recruitment tools that can do a bulk of the work without putting you or the candidates under stress. Some of the most common tools and technologies involved are:

  • An Application Tracking System to manage and organize candidate information.
  • Chatbots to become more approachable and address common concerns.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to qualify candidates without bias.
  • Psychometric tests for assessing candidates.
  • Video conferencing for remote interviews, and so on.

The above list may vary depending on your recruitment process and digital hiring goals.

2. Increase Candidate Experience

The secret to landing the top talent in your organization is to treat your candidates at par with customers. With the wealth of options readily available, candidates consider job hunting no less than online shopping. As a result, offering a consistent, positive, engaging, and pleasant experience will help you forge deeper connections with potential candidates and transform them into advocates.

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3. Nurture the Company Culture

First impressions matter. And the digital recruitment process is a window to the positive company’s culture and priorities. So, put your money where your mouth is and put your values and beliefs into action. Want a more inclusive culture? Hire for diversity. Want to come off as employee-centric? Talk about existing employee welfare schemes and share employee stories.

4. Optimize Your Online Presence

Your online presence has a far-reaching impact on your employer brand and digital recruitment strategies. For starters, candidates who are considering applying to your organization will look you up. So, optimize your websites and social media handles to present yourself as highly professional. Polish your “Careers” page to capture candidate information and show off your awards and accolades to earn credibility.


Think of companies like Google, Apple, or Amazon – candidates would join such organizations in a heartbeat – even if it is at the cost of a humble salary! This demonstrates the true power of employer branding.

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