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Zappychats S1E4 with Jonas Prasanna: What Organizations Should Focus on to Reduce Talent Scarcity


Welcome to the first season of Zappychats, an exclusive HR video podcast where HR leaders talk about all things recruitment, HRtech and more. Videos are published weekly on ,Zappyhire LinkedIn and this blog.

In the fourth episode with Jonas Prasanna – International HR Business Partner, Boeing, he talks about key trends to address in the workplace – from digital transformation to mental health and wellbeing.

Watch the first part of the episode below or read the transcript.

Renjith KK: Hello! Welcome to another episode of Zappychats, an exclusive HR vodcast and a knowledge sharing session with leaders from diverse domains. I’m Renjith, your host for the show.

Today’s guest is a young HR leader who has been recognized by Society of Human Resource Management of India and Economic Times as one of the top 20 HR influencers of social media.

An Alumnus of Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode Jonas Prasanna is an International HR Business Partner at Boeing.

Jonas Prasanna: Thank you so much Renjith. It’s good to connect with you after so many years. I still remember our college days and it’s wonderful to relive those moments.

Renjith KK: Changing employer employee relationships, digital workplace, digital workforce and digital HR. What’s your outlook on these topics and how do you wish to address these changes in your workplace.

Jonas Prasanna: Vladimir Lenin said, “There are decades where nothing happens and weeks where decades happen”. When Covid hit us last year, there are number of things that happened to the workplace and organizations. The first would be digital transformation and surprisingly, IT and HR were leading the charge. Organizations that took decades to figure out if work from home is a viable option took the switch in a couple of weeks. This was done with the help of IT as well as HR.

What we are noticing from the transformation is that the traditional form of hierarchy – how information flows into an organization, how people are connected in a networked world is more of wire-rarchy. Who is part of your network and how you get access to information. It not top-down anymore. That’s the big trend we are seeing when it comes to employer-employee relationship, about the workplace and digital workforce.

The second biggest thing that happened is that software runs the business world. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, your business runs on software. As a result, the biggest collateral damage that software brought to the table is removal of Suits. Most people are comfortable with hoodies because there is no need to go into the office. Suit to hoodie is the new normal.

Third thing is mental health and employee wellbeing. These were terms that were typically shunned. They were spoken of at the workplace. Now, these are at the forefront of conversation. These are important trends that we need to address in the workplace.

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