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12 Ways To Improve Quality Of Hire And Why It Is Important


Here’s a dream scenario that recruiters are no strangers to — a team of exceptional individuals, each seamlessly fitting into their role, driving the company’s success forward. 

Yet, this vision often feels a little too distant amidst the countless challenges of recruitment. 

To further add to this woe, a study by Gartner revealed a disheartening truth: only 16% of new hires possess the skills needed for their roles!

This ultimately translates into substantial financial losses, considering a whopping $1,400 is spent by organizations to onboard new employees! 

Sounds rough, doesn’t it?

This stark reality begs the question: How can recruiters ensure they select the right talent for their organization?? 

It’s a tough challenge faced by recruiters globally, striving to bridge the gap between selecting the perfect candidate and the recruitment landscape that’s not completely devoid of pitfalls. 

A bad hire not only negatively impacts the organization financially but also significantly hampers team synergy and the organization’s overall growth.

Fortunately for you, our blog explores crucial aspects of quality hiring, which covers 12 effective strategies to improve your organization’s quality of hire.

Allow us to walk you through the ABCs of quality hiring, unlocking the doors to organizational excellence, one quality hire at a time.

1. What does quality of hire mean?
2. Why is quality of hire important?
3. How to improve the quality of hire in recruitment?
4. 12 effective ways to improve quality of hire
5. How advanced AI Hiring Tech like Zappyhire can improve your quality of hire
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What does quality of hire mean?

Quality of hire is an indicator of the overall effectiveness and success of a new employee within an organization. 

It involves assessing how well a new hire meets or exceeds the expectations and requirements of their role, contributes to the company’s goals, and integrates into the company culture.

The above-mentioned factors are also reflective of whether or not the overall hiring process is working effectively while also indicating the overall quality of the employee. 

To put it simply, quality of hire doesn’t just take the employee’s skills into consideration, it also lays strong emphasis on how well someone fits into their job, how good they are at it, and how much they help the company grow, among other things. 

Quality of hire is considered one of the key recruitment metrics when it comes to tracking the effectiveness of an organization’s recruitment process.

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Why is quality of hire important?

A proper understanding of the quality of hiring forms the very basis for realizing its pivotal importance. Without getting this aspect right, your team might as well be filling a leaky cup. 

Now that we have a clear picture of what it is, let’s delve into why this facet of recruitment really matters. 

  1. Increased employee engagement:

A recent study discovered that the employees who reported being energized, engaged, and excited about their work are 31% more likely to stay at their organization and contribute 15% more than their co-workers.

When the right individuals are hired, they are more likely to fit better into the ways and culture of the organization. 

This leads to them feeling more connected to and engaged with their work. 

  1. Improved job satisfaction:

When a candidate’s skills, values, and expectations are perfectly matched with the job role, it results in higher job satisfaction and higher productivity. 

Employees must feel like their skills and work experience are being appreciated, recognized, and adequately utilized at the workplace in order to feel satisfied.

In the case of top-quality hires, since they are hired taking into consideration that they are a perfect fit for the job role in question, there is improved job satisfaction observed. 

  1. Decreased turnover costs:

Hiring individuals who fit well within the company’s culture and role requirements reduces employee turnover rates owing to higher levels of job satisfaction.

This equates to relatively lower costs associated with recruiting, onboarding, and training new employees repeatedly. 

For example, by embracing predictive index assessments, employers can find the best match between candidates and jobs, thereby ensuring that the candidates are a perfect fit for the job.

This ultimately helps in reducing turnover costs.  

  1. Rise in productivity levels:

Companies with highly engaged employees ( a direct result of being a good fit for the role) have been observed to be 17% more productive than their counterparts.

Employees who fit their roles well tend to be more efficient and productive. 

For instance, someone with the right skills and mindset for their job is likely to achieve more in less time. Well-matched employees tend to be more productive. 

  1. Impact on profitability:

Hiring the wrong person can cost your organization a lot more than you think. It has been discovered that disengaged employees have a 15% lower profitability for a company!

Imagine hiring a manager with poor leadership skills?

Such instances of disorganized hiring, could lead to numerous negative outcomes such as –  decreased team morale, affecting overall team productivity and ultimately impacting the company’s profits. 

Poor hires, as seen in this instance, can significantly dent the company’s profitability. 

  1. Satisfaction at organizational levels:

A good quality of hire ensures satisfaction not just among the hiring team but runs throughout the organization!

When employees are apt for their roles, it fosters a harmonious work environment, ensuring collaboration and a shared sense of purpose, and everyone works towards a common goal. 

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How to improve the quality of hire in recruitment?

Every problem has a solution, and for the challenge of improving the quality of hire, we’ve identified not just one, but twelve solutions! 

Quality of hire isn’t just another metric; it directly influences the overall success and performance of an organization. 

But unfortunately, almost 36% of HR personnel revealed that they don’t have the resources to recruit top talent! 

If you think you fall into the above category, it might be worth considering exploring and applying the following twelve strategies to ensure you hire the right talent for your organization.

12 effective ways to improve quality of hire:

1. Use of AI-powered recruitment automation tools:

What runs the world? AI – especially in recruitment!

If you haven’t embraced it yet, you’re missing out on the significant efficiency gains that come with it in addition to enhanced candidate assessments.

AI-driven tools streamline and automate repetitive manual tasks like resume screening, candidate matching, and initial assessments

These tools make use of algorithms to analyze vast datasets, predicting candidate success based on historical hiring patterns, thereby ensuring fairer and more objective candidate evaluations. 

For example, AI-driven chatbots and robotic video interviews, effectively engage and pre-screen candidates, giving recruiters unmatched candidate insights before even meeting the candidate!

2. Measuring quality of hire with metrics:

If you’re not tracking it, you’re just going around in circles!

Recruiters, it’s time to measure, track, and make data-driven decisions for strategic hiring. 

Metrics like retention rates, employee performance reviews, and feedback surveys help gauge the effectiveness of hiring strategies. 

Establishing benchmarks allows organizations to measure success against predefined goals. 

For example, keeping track of the correlation between specific interview assessment criteria and subsequent job performance can help in refining hiring criteria for better results.

3. Ensuring seamless hiring collaboration:

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Aligning everyone on the same page ensures a unified approach toward finding the right fit for the organization.

Involving various departments and stakeholders ensures a holistic evaluation of candidates. 

A seamless collaborative hiring process fosters diverse perspectives and values alignment, crucial for finding the right fit.

Implementing cross-functional interview panels or collaborative candidate assessments ensures a more comprehensive evaluation of the candidate, ultimately resulting in identifying top-quality candidates.

4. Checking for organizational fit:

Your candidate must fit like a glove! 

Balancing skills with cultural compatibility is crucial for high-quality work.

Beyond skill assessments, evaluating the candidates’s cultural fit ensures candidates integrate well into the company culture. 

Using methods such as culture-fit interviews, team-based assessments, and scenario-based evaluations can help identify candidates who are congruent with the organization’s values and work ethic.

5. Making data-driven hiring decisions:

Numbers speak volumes!

Making decisions based on data ensures objectivity and informed choices that are less likely to go wrong. 

Utilizing data analytics to assess hiring success helps in identifying patterns and trends. AI-powered recruitment automation tools can predict candidate performance based on historical data, allowing for better decision-making. 

Let’s say for example, analyzing employee turnover rates against specific hiring sources helps the hiring team identify the most effective recruitment channels.

6. Building a strong employer brand:

It’s all about perception! 

It has been found that 86% of employees look at company reviews and ratings before applying for a job! 

This shows how your employees see your organization directly impacts talent attraction and retention.

Establishing a positive employer brand involves showcasing company culture, benefits, and opportunities. 

It’s no surprise that organizations that invest in employer branding are 3X more likely to make a quality hire.

Sharing employee testimonials, participating in industry events, and engaging content on social media platforms can play a huge role in enhancing brand perception.

7. Crafting a compelling EVP (Employee Value Proposition):

Woo your candidates! 

An EVP refers to employee gains offered by an organization that helps them attract and retain talent.

Did you know that in the United States, approximately 70% of employee turnover is voluntary? A high attrition rate is never favorable!

However, an irresistible employee value proposition (EVP) not only attracts top talent but also retains it! 

This is inclusive of perks, benefits, and rewards— all in exchange for their skills and commitment.

Organizations that successfully pull this off,  see a 24% increase in the quality of hires.

Creating an appealing EVP involves understanding what employees value. 

Making compromises and tailoring benefits, work-life balance, growth opportunities, and recognition programs to meet employee requirements contribute heavily to an irresistible EVP.

8. Prioritizing candidate experience:

This can’t be emphasized enough – candidates deserve a 5-star treatment!

Prioritizing candidates and candidate experience positively impacts organizational reputation. 

Improving candidate experience includes clear communication, providing feedback, and streamlining the application process.  

Implementing applicant tracking systems for efficient communication and personalized follow-ups improves the candidate journey.

Excited to offer your candidates top-notch candidate experience, but not sure where to start?

Check out our comprehensive eBookA Guide to Exceptional Candidate Experiencenow! 

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9. Creating a quality talent pool:

Start right, no shortcuts! 

Proactive recruitment guarantees a quality talent pool ready for future needs.

This practice involves networking, engaging passive candidates, and nurturing talent communities.

Companies can also organize industry-specific events and offer employee referral incentives to build and sustain a quality talent pool. 

Studies have shown that establishing employee referral programs has been proven to be highly effective, with 48% of companies saying their top-quality hires come from these initiatives!

10. Creating detailed and realistic job descriptions:

Ask (clearly in your JDs)  and you shall receive! 

Clear, unambiguous, and direct job descriptions attract top candidates aligned with expectations.

Providing detailed and comprehensive job descriptions, outlining role expectations, responsibilities, and company culture ensures a more accurate applicant fit. 

Utilizing clear language and avoiding jargon ensures candidates have a proper understanding of the role in question.

Crafting the perfect JD is no cakewalk, we know! This is why we suggest you check out our eBook ‘The Ultimate Job Description Toolkit’. 

11. Embracing diversity and inclusion in hiring processes:

As per a study by PWC, 85% of CEOs agreed that implementing diversity and inclusiveness strategies has enhanced their business performance.

That’s not all, embracing diversity hiring fosters innovation and broadens the talent pool.

Implementing blind hiring techniques, conducting bias-free interviews, and promoting diversity in job postings fosters a diverse and inclusive environment. 

Establishing diversity goals and fostering an inclusive workplace culture attracts a more diverse talent pool and the quality of hires also thereby improves.

12. Continuous process review and adaptation:

Review, improvise, adapt, and overcome! 

Being flexible and responsive keeps hiring processes effective and relevant and up-to-date. 

Regularly evaluating and re-evaluating recruitment strategies, seeking feedback from stakeholders, and adapting to market changes ensure ongoing improvement. 

It is crucial for organizations to analyze recruitment data, review candidate feedback, and adjust and re-calibrate the organization’s hiring methods accordingly.

This practice ensures the much-needed responsiveness and agility in the hiring process.

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How advanced AI Hiring Tech like Zappyhire can improve your quality of hire

At this point, you probably have a million questions about how an AI-powered recruitment automation tool can aid you in your quest to improve your organization’s quality of hire.  

This is where Zappyhire steps in, a disruptive solution set to redefine your approach to talent acquisition. 

With its state-of-the-art pre-screening tools, Zappyhire enables an in-depth understanding of candidates, amplifying assessment accuracy by up to 5 times!

This not only aids in making crucial hiring decisions with confidence but also lays the foundation for a high-quality talent pool right from the initial evaluation stage. 

Furthermore, Zappyhire’s innovative features, including robotic video interviews, a multilingual recruitment chatbot, and seamless assessment integrations, provide a 360-degree view of candidates. 

This comprehensive insight empowers organizations to conduct thorough evaluations, ensuring informed decisions based on a holistic understanding of potential hires. 

You’re just a step away from improving your quality of hire!

Book a demo today to witness how Zappyhire’s cutting-edge tech can redefine and elevate your hiring processes!

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As we conclude, it is worth reiterating that the significance of quality of hire cannot be overstated, holding scores of benefits for both employees and employers alike. 

Prioritizing and actively improving the quality of hire is crucial, as it stands as a cornerstone for sustained growth, enriched productivity, and competitive advantage in the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition. 

Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari, a Content Marketer at Zappyhire, crafts content on HR tech, recruitment automation, and everything in between. With a background in English literature, theatre studies, and psychology, she brings a diverse perspective to her writing. Outside of work, she finds joy in a good book and exploring her love for cinema.

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